Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nimbuzz Latest Server Bot

Server Bots Download

1 - bot id:
[Use: Many Uses like streal display pic, see users info etc..]

 - bot id:
[Use: Translate english words to hindi words..]

3 - bot id: maryam,
[Use: Chatting Bot !!..]

4 - bot id:
[Use: Many Uses like quiz, fun, vote etc..]

5 - bot id:  
 [Use: Many Uses like quiz, fun, get avatar, search, vote etc..)

6 - bot id:
[Use: Search Rooms and much more.. ]

7 - bot id:
[Use: All in 1 bot. Languages Farsi + English]

8 - bot id:
[Use: to Search Users and their ids n more]

9 - bot id:
[Use: db checker, room users checker, avatar checker and lots of things..]

10 - bot id:
[Use: room bot. - trial]

11 - bot id:
[Use: its a Game bot.]

12 - bot id:
[Use: its a islamic bot.]

13 - bot id:
[Use: farsi bot]

14 - bot id:
[Use: farsi joke bot]

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