Wednesday, 6 March 2013


free download typing for all

downlaod free typing tutor 6 for is a great software .you can type easily and it will help you to increase your typing speed. download and enjoy learning with this turor.

Typing is a process of entering data to type writer, mobile phone, computer, calculator and many more. Providing typing tutor free download link of Typing Tutor 6 version, we think that you can learn typing speedily at home. By typing, we add this data by pressing keys of the keyboards and keypads of these devices. Lillian Sholes from Wisconsin was the first typist of the world and she was the daughter of Christopher Sholes who invented the first typewriter.
Typing is a technique which contains different types of gestures of fingers. Every typist uses their own way or movement of fingers in typing. There are four main methods of learning typing to enhance your typing speed. The first one is called “touch typing”. In this technique, a table of fingers and keys will be provided to you and you will have to remember the keys in this method to enhance your typing speed by not watching on the keyboard again and again while typing.
The second technique is called “hunt and peck”. In this technique you would have to press every key individually by looking at the keyboard. Speed is sacrificed in this method to give access to the keyboard to your fingers and to remember the keys as well. “Buffering” comes next and it is the third technique. Now it is time to collaborate both of the techniques given above and it will become the buffering technique. This technique will enhance your speed further more. The fourth technique is called thumbing and it is used to give input on tech sensitive screen of this age.
In this new era, all four of the typing techniques are amalgamated in one computer software that is called typing tutor. The latest version typing tutor 6 is further enhanced. Just free download typing tutor 6 full version from our website and have fun.


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