Monday, 17 June 2013


Typing is a process of input into some machine or device which was previously done on typewriter machines and now in computers with keyboards. But the importance of a typist has increased than ever before in this era when there is so much to record and maintain in data bases and other files. For every manager in an office it has become imperative to develop a fare bit of typing speed so that he could carry out his work with an optimum speed and pace.
Besides managers there are always a need of specialist typists everywhere in the world in newspapers, TV channels, stenographers in public and private sectors etc. if you learn how to type fast and flawlessly it opens the doors of many jobs for you. Previously in the era of typewriters there used to be special schools and institutions which taught people how to type and secure a respectable and earning job for themselves. But gradually as the technology evolved computers took over the primitive typewriters and word processing softwares followed. There was a need for such a software that could enhance the typing skills and capabilities of its users.
The world’s first typist Lillian Sholes would never have thought that typing someday is going to be such an easy job that anybody can download a software named Typingmaster and become an expert typist in a few days of time by doing regular drills and practice on it. She definitely would have to do a lot of practice on that very first typewriter invented by his father.
Realizing this need we have brought our valued visitors free download of Typingmaster 2002 which will enable them to polish their typing skills to a much higher level. This is an amazing software of its kind. Although these days there are many typing softwares available but Typingmaster 2002 is a specialized software with dedicated exercises and drills for its users which will enhance their typing skills in a few weeks. You can get free download of Typingmaster 2002 form here.


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